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Haya Labs Glucosamine Sulfate 500mg 90caps

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  • Contributes to the maintaining of joint health
  • Supports healthy inflammatory effect
  • Reduces progressive destruction of the joints
  • Accelerates the treatment of joint problems and muscle sprains
  • Promotes treatment and reduces surgery scars


Glucosamine is produced in the body and it provides the raw material for compounds which are the basis for many tissues in the body, including cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. Glucosamine also supports the health of the tissues that built a number of organs. It does not act as quickly as drugs to relieve pain, but may be more effective in the long term - this is due to the fact that the drugs quickly lose their effect, but glucosamine continues to act, sometimes weeks after discontinuing the use. Scientific studies show that it helps to relieve stiffness, pain, and swelling associated with joints problems.

Approximately 70 countries approved glucosamine in the form of "treating means" in mild to moderate joint problems complex.

Glucosamine is not contained in foods ready for consumption.

HAYA Labs Glucosamine Sulfate is derived from the processed shell of shrimp, lobster, and crab. Glucosamine sulfate is the best form absorbed by the body and it is often used to maintain healthy joint function. HAYA Labs Glucosamine Sulfate 500mg comes in a pack of 90 capsules.

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