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ICONFIT Whey Protein 80 1000g

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ICONFIT WHEY PROTEIN 80 is our bestselling product. It’s based on premium European whey protein concentrate with instant solubility. We’ve carefully selected the best available ingredients with best available amino acid profile to support your muscle recovery and contribute to development. Absolutely no unnecessary artificial colourants or stabilisers! Available as pure unflavoured, flavoured and with sucralose and also an option with stevia sweetener.


Why prefer ICONFIT Whey Protein 80 to other competing proteins?


  • ICONFIT QUALITY GUARANTEE! We promise never to compromise on quality of our ingredients! We will not use cheap low-quality whey protein and instead only use premium German whey. Don’t be fooled by some 2-3x more expensive brands that offer inferior quality products.
  • ICONFIT is the clean nutrition expert! We develop our own recipes and make sure to avoid any unnecessary artificial stabilisers, colouring and GMOs. And our customers love us for that as we care about  actual product quality!




ICONFIT Whey Protein 80 flavoured options are premium whey protein concentrates with added delicious flavouring, cocoa powder (only in chocolate flavoured product) and a tiny amount of sucralose or stevia sweetener.


ICONFIT Whey Protein 80 Unflavoured option is pure premium whey protein concentrate – that’s it, nothing added! Excellent for increasing your protein content in foods, drinks or mixing with other nutrition.

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