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Nutrex Research Lipo-6 Black 120caps

LIPO-6 Black assists In Rapid Weight Loss!

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  • Powerful Thyronines for the hyperactive metabolization of the fat
  • It contains 3 forms of Quebrachine to release the located fat
  • It activates the fatty tiaauw uniting 3 heat generators (feniletilamines)
  • Significant increases in the corporal heat to eliminate the fatty deposits

In the last years there have been many products for the loss of fat that have gone and come and all claiming to be ?extreme?. Now, with the saturated category of the called ?extreme formulas?, Nutrex takes to fat burner to another level. Beyond extreme, beyond the maximum force, beyond any experience in the fat burning that you has had sometimes: LIPO-6 Black.

LIPO-6 Black is, humbly, the strongest and most cruel fat burner that this planet has never seen. We have formulated the most promising fat burner mixture of the market that can be imagined. This incredible formula operates in a territory which no other had dared to enter. LIPO-6 Black attacks the corporal fat with a killer instinct formulated in an instantaneous form to destroy it wherever it finds it!

Do not mistake on the matter, LIPO-6 Black is a real annihilator of fats. If you are stuck in a plateau with your present fat burner and you are looking for something that really rejuvenate the regime of the fat burning, you are an ideal candidate for LIPO-6 Black.

LIPO-6 Black is the fat burner that dares to go further, since it contains inside the type of ingredients that are so incredibly effective in the corporal fat burning that scares!

LIPO-6 Black is the most hardcore, underground and cruel existing pre-workout detonator in the planet.


As dietary supplement and undergoing its maximum power take 3 capsules in the morning and other 3 capsules in the evening. In order to accustom the organism always follow the guides advised by the manufacturer.

Lipo 6 Black works better in cycles. A suggested cycle is 8 weeks of taking and 4 week of rest.

Never exceed more than 6 capsules a day. Do not take it 6 hours before sleeping. In order to obtain better results do not take Lipo 6 Black with meals, comsume it, at least 30 minutes before the meals. Do not use this product if you are younger than 21 years or weak of heart.


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