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OstroVit Syrup 400g - Agave

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Coming from North America, and more precisely from Mexico, the gave syrup is a natural liquid sweetener which resembles honey in terms of flavor and consistency. Thanks to considerable fructose content, the product is very sweet. It is much sweeter than popular sweeteners, including sugar, honey and maple syrup. It is very efficient – to make your dessert or meal sweeter, you need to add a small amount of the syrup, much less than other substances. When compared to ordinary sugar, its glycemic index is half lower, this is may be part of low-GI diet.

Choose OstroVit Agave Syrup if you:

  • Look for a healthy sucrose replacement
  • Wish to supplement your diet with required vitamins and minerals
  • Do sports
  • Look for natural source of antioxidants
  • Intend to support your immunity system
  • Want to feel better


Dark agave syrup is widely used in the kitchen. As opposed to light syrups, it gives noticeable caramel notes which provide dishes and drinks with a distinctive flavor. Thanks to the fact that it can be preheated, it is a perfect sugar and honey replacement for home-made baking.

The most important features of the product:

  • STRONG SWEET TASTE - Thanks to the fact that agave syrup is sweeter than honey and sugar, you need a small amount of the product to sweeten your dish. This way you can successfully limit glycemic load and its calorific value of food.
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS - The agave syrup can be freely added to desserts, cakes, drinks and porridge. You can also use it in meat or fish marinades or icing, as well as season sweet and sour sauce with it.
  • GOOD SOLUBLITY - You can easily dissolve the syrup in drinks. A small amount of product is enough to sweeten coffee, tea, warm milk or even chilly drinks.
  • CONVENIENT PACKAGING - OstroVit Agave Syrup is very user-friendly. The box allows easy dosing and considerably facilitates storage.

Warning: Remember that agave syrup grows dark under the influence of high temperatures. For this reason, before baking, it is advisable to reduce temperature inside the oven by 15 to 25°C!

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