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Swanson Nattokinase 100mg 2000FU 30caps

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  • A unique enzyme produced in the process of fermentation
  • Each capsule supplies 2000 fibrinolytic units
  • Supports blood circulation health

Nattokinase maintains the cardio-vascular system and blood circulation in good condition. If you have never heard of Natto, you are not the only one. A basic element of Japanese cuisine for many years, this food made of fermented soybeans has remained relatively unknown to people from the West. The unique enzyme Nattokinase has come into existence through fermentation. Data reveal that Nattokinase may be an effective approach to nutrition for maintaining good blood circulation, aiding the healthy condition of the circulatory and cardio-vascular system. The action of Nattokinase is measured by the number of fibrinolytic units (FU). Each capsule of Swanson Ultra Nattokinase provides 2000 FU.

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