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Haya Labs Zinc Chelated 30mg 100tabs

Haya Labs Zinc Chelated is a mineral food supplement in the form of tablets, which stimulates protein synthesis in the body, provides a healthy hormonal balance, and has a strong antioxidant effect.

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  • Promotes protein synthesis
  • Improves hormonal balance
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Stimulates immune system
  • Increases energy
  • Helps the reproductive system
  • Strengths of prostate health
  • Improves brain activity
  • Supports skin health

Haya Labs Zinc contains valuable mineral zinc, which has a key role in the right performance of many vital functions in the human body, including protein synthesis and muscle processes. Zinc controls hormonal balance, increases insulin production, and improves blood quality. In addition, it stimulates the immunity, has a strong antioxidant effect, and increases the energy during high-extensive workouts.

Haya Labs Zinc contributes to the development of genitals, betters the reproductive functions, and shows a favorable effect on the prostate. This precious mineral helps with brain activity, gives support in cases of mental disorders, and plays an important role in DNA synthesis. Zinc reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the body, accelerates the healing of inner wounds, and strengths skin and nail health.

Take 1 tablet daily.

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