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Haya Labs Rutin 50tabs


Rutin tabs by is a nutritional supplement with a high content of rutin – a flavonoid, found in nature, which strengthens the blood vessels and regulates blood pressure. There are many natural sources of rutin, but Rutin is based on Saphora japonica flowers, also known as Japanese pagoda tree, which is one of the 50 main herbs in traditional Chinese medicine.

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  • Supports the cardiovascular system
  • Antioxidant
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Helps with varicose veins
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Helps with hemorrhoids
  • Prevents blood clots
  • Reduces the risk of some chronic diseases
  • Has a positive effect on hay fever
  • Reduces allergy symptoms


Rutin is part of the complex group of flavonoids, which can treat multiple health conditions. Scientists have discovered over 5000 types of flavonoids and referred to them as vitamin P during the first half of the past century. Rutin is mostly known as citrus bioflavonoid and is widely used in herbal remedies due to its positive effect on a variety of issues related to the blood vessels. Just like all bioflavonoids it serves as a powerful antioxidant, enhances the action of vitamin C and treats inflammatory conditions.  Research also suggests that Rutin may be beneficial in fighting certain types of cancer. Its ability to prevent blood clots and improve circulation makes it a suitable supplement for people with a risk of heart attack and stroke.


Rutin contains high-quality rutin extract from the flowers of Sophora japonica tree. The many healing properties of the tree have been no secret to Chinese medicine, but its main usage is as a cure for external bleeding. 

One dose: 1 tablet
Recommended use: Take one tablet daily preferably with food
Pack size: 50 tablets

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