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Haya Labs Hawthorn Berry (Боярышник) 300mg 120caps


HAYA LABS Hawthorn Berry is a food supplement with hawthorn. In a study over 132 subjects, the standardized hawthorn extract shows similar characteristics to captopril, a representative of a group of prescribed medications known as ACE-inhibitors. In another study, including 136 patients, the hawthorn group demonstrates improvement in the heart area in comparison with placebo

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  • Helps balance blood pressure
  • Helpful for stimulation of restful sleep
  • It is supposed that can support the heart and circulation
  • Regulates pulse and blood circulation
  • Provides control over atherosclerosis plaque
  • Provides beneficial effect in case of Raynaud's disease and varicose veins
  • Research shows its ability to preserve collagen
  • It is used by professionals to prevent anginas


HAYA Labs Hawthorn - historically hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha) had been used by Roman doctors as a heart remedy during 1st century A.D. Literature from this period is focused over its symbolic use in religious rituals and political ceremonies. During the Middle Ages, the plant finds application in the treatment of “hydropsy” or heart deficiency. Today, such extracts are widely used in Europe in the healing of various problems related to circulation, including high blood pressure.


Herb supplements use as ingredients the flowers, leaves, and fruits of the plant. Every part is rich in flavonoids, which gives powerful antioxidant properties. Hawthorn contains three groups of compounds with a key role for the positive effects on the cardiovascular system. These are triterpenoid saponins, amines, and flavonoids. Through preventing the formation of free radicals, the antioxidant activity of hawthorn can have a beneficial effect on the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system and enhancement of an overall good condition of this organ.

Руководство к использованию

One dose:1 capsule
Recommended use: Take 1-2 doses per day, preferably during meals.
Pack size: 60


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