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Scitec ISOTEC Endurance, 1000g

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Both intensive weight training and endurance exercise quickly deplete the body’s energy stores, and lead to water and electrolyte loss. Hot and humid environments further increase this scenario that results in a sudden and significant drop in performance. Therefore, it is of paramount importance for those interested in performing at their best and developing their physiques to the max to continually replenish all lost vital substrates. However, it takes a well-thought out formula to solve the problems presented by the fact that it is used during exercise. Not iso-osmotic solutions lead to gastric distress and inferior intestinal absorption of the energyrich carbohydrates and fluid. The Isotec formula is isotonic meaning that the saturation of the solution is equal to that of the human blood so it can easily be absorbed by the body. Isotec provides a tri-carb source that guarantees sustained release of energy, and replenishes both muscle and liver glycogen stores. The electrolytes replenish the amount lost with sweat, and improve fluid absorption and retention. Drinking an ice-cold Isotec drink primes you to perform at your best and finish training on a high by cooling the body and replenishing all lost nutrients.

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