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AllNutrition Nutlove 200g Choco Hazelnut

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Why choose AllNutrition Nutlove Choco Hazelnut?

  • Chocolate creamwith crunchy hazelnut pieces
  • Real cocoa paste
  • Real milk chocolate chips with no added sugar
  • No palm oil
  • No added sugar!
  • A perfect snack any time of day
  • Goes perfectly with pancakes, rice cakes, omelettes and other fit desserts
  • Nutlove is love you can’t get enough of!

AllNutrition Nutlove Choco Hazelnut is a delicious chocolate cream with crunchy nuts made from 100% natural ingredients! Nutlove Choco Hazelnut cream, just like other ALLNUTRITION products, is produced in line with the “healthy food” idea. This means production using completely natural methods, by crushing hazelnuts, adding real cocoa paste and real milk chocolate chips with no added sugar.

Nutlove Choco Hazelnut does not contain any chemical additives, artificial flavours, stabilisers or preservatives. It does not contain palm oil. Nutlove Choco Hazelnut is a completely healthy cream with nut flavour and varied texture. It spreads perfectly on omelettes and sandwiches. It is easy to combine with other ingredients when preparing desserts or other dishes. It is suitable as an addition to virtually any breakfast and can be eaten with a spoon straight from the box.

Nutlove Choco Hazelnut is a great substitute for unhealthy, popular sweet creams. Healthy Nutlove Choco Hazelnut contains maltitol instead of sugar. It is half as calorific as regular sugar, safe for teeth, does not cause caries, prevents obesity, and these are only some of its health-promoting properties. When to have Nutlove Choco Hazelnut? WHENEVER YOU FEEL LIKE IT!

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