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Power System Wrist Weights 2 x 2kg

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Premium Quality: Made with durable mercerized cotton for exercise, and moisture absorbing material inside, soft, breathable and comfortable to wear.

Easy to Use: Adjustable strap closure for loosening and tightening to ensure a customized fit to your wrist, snug and secure, take seconds to put on and take off.

Workout & Fitness: Filled with the iron shot, add more resistance to your daily workout. Strengthen your hands, burn calories and fat, tone your upper-body muscles.

Thumb Hole Ensures That It Will Not Shift Up Or Down Your Hand Like All The Other Wrist Weights

This Is Especially Great To Improve Your Punching And Boxing Skills It Will Stay On Your Wrist

Suitable For Running, Fitness, Exercise Training, Workout, Biking & Other Outdoor Sports

Wear It While Working Out To Give Your Muscles A Better Workout Or You Can Also Wear During The Day To work Your Muscles Without Going To The Gym

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