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Mutant CreaKong CX8 249g

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  • Maximum creatine efficacy & uptake
  • Increase strength, power & stamina
  • Boost ATP production & muscle synthesis
  • Rapid absorbing multi-creatine blend
  • Clinically researched ingredients only ZERO carbs, sugars, fillers

Maximum Creatine Efficacy & Uptake. CREAKONG CX8 is an advanced creatine accelerator that uses 3 of the most easily absorbed forms of creatine + BCAAs + a unique CSM.

3 Potent forms of Creatine + Critical Aminos. Added branched chain amino acids l-leucine, l-isoleucine, and l-valine plus taurine.

Increase Strength, power & Stamina. Creatine has been clinically proven in numerous studies to increase strength, power and endurance, along with other significant muscle benefits.

Rapid absorbing Multi-Creatine Blend. This advanced creatine accelerator contains 3 forms of easily absorbed creatine - monohydrate, malate, and magnesium chelate.

Zero Carbs, Sugars, fillers. Results and efficacy are great - but not if they come at the expense of your nutrition progress. This strong supplement contains NO fillers or calories.

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