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Mr. Djemius Zero Syrup "Chocolate Almond" 330g



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Thick “Chocolate with Almond” syrup from Mr. Djemius Zero is made from premium quality natural cocoa in combination with almond nut. The syrup has a multifaceted tart taste with a noble bitterness and is ideally combined with oatmeal in the morning, pancakes, fruit salads and sorbets. The syrup is also capable to enrich the taste of coffee drinks.
Mr. Djemius Zero “Chocolate with Almonds” syrup will allow you not to deny yourself a delicious dessert without receiving any extra calories!




water, alkaline cocoa powder, vanilla, salt, erythritol, stevia ((E968), (E960)), almond nuts, acidity regulators (Е330), natural polysaccharide (E415), preservative(Е200). The product is fat-free, with no added sugar (the product contains naturally occurring sugars).




Store at temperatures from 0⁰C to 25⁰C and relative humidity of not more than 75%.
Best before: 12 months. from the date of manufacture.
After opening the package, store the product in the refrigerator at a temperature of + (4 ± 2) ⁰ C.

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Mr. Djemius Zero Syrup "Chocolate Almond"



Toote informatsioon


Annuse suurus: 35g
Annuseid ühes purgis: 9,5
  Toiteväärtus 35g Toiteväärtus 100g
Energy 20 kcal 58,7 kcal
Fat 0,9 g 2,68 g
 2,0 g 5,7 g
Protein 1,0 g 2,9 g

KOOSTISOSAD: vesi, leeliseline kakaopulber, vanilje, sool, magustajad ((E968), (E960)), mandli pähklid, happesuse regulaatorid (Е330), looduslik polüsahhariid (E415), säilitusaine(Е200). Toode on rasvavaba, tootesse ei ole lisatud suhkrut (toode sisaldab looduslikult esinevaid suhkruid). Sobib alates 2. eluaastast.

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