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ICONFIT Hydrolysed Collagen 400g

ICONFIT Hydrolysed Collagen is our most praised supplement and is a pure collagen powder without any added ingredients. Forget useless capsules that contain 0,4-0,8g of collagen – studies prove we that a 10g/day dosage gives you the best results for joints and skin.


  • True source of collagen providing a full 10g serving size.

  • Large tub to last 40 days. Produced only with natural processes.

  • Forget useless capsules that contain 0,4-0,8g of collagen – you’d need 13-20 capsules to get your 10g.

  • Add 10g (2 scoops, scoop included) per day to your smoothie, juice, porridge etc.

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Famous hydrolysed collagen now available in it’s purest form – no additives! Scientific studies have proven 10g of hydrolysed collagen to be an effective serving per day. Collagen is world-famous for it’s many fantastic useful properties like protecting and restoring your joints, improving bone elasticity and helps form quality muscle cell structure. Also highly praised for skin health, hair health and anti-wrinkle properties!


Easily digestable, allergy-free and easily absorbed by our bodies. Quite neutral taste makes it great for mixing into yoghurts, foods, juices etc.




  • Collagen is the most important protein in our bones and joints giving them elasticity and strength. Also it is extremely important part of forming skin and cell tissue that surrounds and protects our vital organs.
  • Athletes that endure higher than normal physical stress often suffer from joint pain. High weights and physical stress create a high chance of osteoarthritis, pain and injuries. Collagen helps to restore and avoid this.
  • By consuming 10g of collagen per day you protect your joints, bones and muscles from injury.
  • Collagen contains high amounts of vital essential amino acids like arginine (7,5%) and glycine (22,4%) that together stimulate your body’s creatine production and help achieve better results in sports.
  • Studies have also shonw great results for skin health and elasticity. Reducing wrinkles and moisturising skin is why many of our customers specially love our collagen.
  • Even tho there are many cosmetic cremes with collagen, they are not too effective. This way it just does not penetrate your skin and most of it stays on the surface. However by consuming orally you absorb over 95% of the consumed collagen.


About Collagen Capsules


There is a wide selection of collagen capsules on the market. Unfortunately 1 capsule usually contains just 0,4-0,8g of collagen – so you’d need 13-20 capsules per day to get your 10g. Don’t fall for it and don’t overpay for capsules as a daily 10g serving would cost you over 5€/day!


In addition capsules do not contain pure collagen but mostly different fillers, artificial colouring etc that you shouldn’t consume.


Type I, II or III? 


Sometimes our customers ask “What type of collagen is it?” That question comes from some companies that falsely claim their hydrolysed collagen is some specific type like II, III etc. Collagen does have a type before hydrolysation, but then the molecules are so large that only less than 3% may be absorbed by body making it quite useless in terms of health. After hydrolysing process (natural) however collagen does not have a type (even tho some companies claim so falsely) and has broken down the strains structure into small particles. Now 95%+ of it is absorbed by our body.


ICONFIT Hydrolysed Collagen


ICONFIT Hydrolysed Collagen tub has 400g (lasts for 40 days!) of the purest European made collagen in powder form. Produced with natural processes without any chemicals! Recommended 10g serving is great to mix daily into your foods, yoghurt, smoothies etc. or with your sports nutrition drink. It’s quite neutral taste so will not change your food flavour significantly and is easy to consume.


Directions Add 10g (2 scoops, scoop included) per day to your smoothie, juice, porridge etc.


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