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BSN Syntha-6, 2.29kg (Parim enne: 06-10.2020)


SYNTHA-6™ is the ultra-premium protein with an ultra-premium taste. SYNTHA-6™ blend utilizes multiple individual proteins...

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SYNTHA-6™ is the ultra-premium protein with an ultra-premium taste. Our multi-functional protein blend utilizes multiple individual proteins, each with varying digestive rates and distinct amino acid profiles. This combination ensures active muscles are fed for hours with the most complete blend of proteins available.


To enhance this ultra-premium blend, SYNTHA-6™ has been fortified with BCAAs, muscle-sparing glutamine peptides, A2ZORB™ for greater digestion as well as MCTs and essential fatty acids. Last but certainly not least, each serving of SYNTHA-6™ provides you with 5 grams of fiber for slower digestion and increased nutrient uptake.


Not only does SYNTHA-6™ produce mouthwatering shakes, which can only be described as "ridiculously delicious," it provides you a healthy meal, perfect for rigorous training schedules and hectic lifestyles.




  • Produces "ridiculously delicious" protein drinks that maximize lean muscle development
  • Doesn't leave you feeling bloated or stuffed; great for several-times-daily use
  • Multi-Functional A.M.-P.M. Protein Blend: ultra-premium quality proteins + digestive enzymes
  • Fortified with BCAAs (for nitrogen balance), Glutamine Peptides (recovery, immune system), MCTs (fast energy) and fiber




  • "Ridiculously delicious" protein shakes that make following a high-protein diet easy and enjoyable
  • Fortified with BCAAs, glutamine, heart-healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals for a nutritionally complete meal replacement
  • Multi-functional protein blend, ideal for A.M. and P.M. use
  • Enhanced with digestive enzymes for complete digestion, protein utilization and intestinal health
  • No bloating or stomach discomfort; ultra-premium protein sources used in formula



2007, North American Awards / Accomplishments
Protein Powder of the Year
SYNTHA-6™ - 2nd* Place

*As determined by an independent consumer poll – Source: Bodybuilding.com.


Mix 1 heaped scoop (47 g) with 120 - 150 ml of cold water. Adjust as needed for taste


Syntha-6, Banana


Toote informatsioon
Annuse suurus: 1 mõõtelusikas (47g)
Annuseid ühes purgis: 48
  Toiteväärtus annuse kohta % päevasest vajadusest*
Kaloreid kokku 200  
   kaloreid rasvast 50  
Rasvad kokku 6g 9%
   sh küllastunud rasvad 2g 10%
Kolesterool 55mg 18%
Naatrium 180mg 8%
Kaalium 180mg 5%
Süsivesikuid kokku 14g 5%
   kiudained 5g 20%
   suhkur 2g  
Proteiin 22g 44%
A vitamiin 0%
C vitamiin 0%
Kaltsium 15%
Raud 2%
Fosfor 15%
Magneesium 6%
*Käesolevad %-d päevasest vajadusest baseeruvad 2000kcal dieedil.
Teised koostisosad: Valgu maatriksi koostisosad (vadakuvalgu kontsentraat [Piim], vadakuvalgu isolaat [Piim], kaltsiumkaseinaat [Piim], miselliline kaseiin [Piim], piimavalgu isolaat [Piim] ja muna albumiin [Muna]), glutamiin peptiide [Nisu], rikkalik päevalillesegu koostisosad (päevalilleõli, maisisiirupi tahked ained, naatriumkaseiin [Piim], mono- ja diglütseriid, dikaaliumfosfaat, trikaltsiumfosfaat, letsitiini [Soja] ja tokoferool), polüdekstroos, looduslikud ja kunstmaitseained [Piim], nutrisperse MCT segu koostisained (triglütseriini keskahel, rasvata kuivpiimasegu, dinatriumfosfaat ja ränidioksiid), kiudaine kumm, sukraloos, kaaliumatsesulfaami, A2Zorb (papaiin ja bromein).


Toode ei ole mõeldud ühegi haiguse ennetamiseks, diagnoosiks, leevendamiseks ega raviks.

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