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Universal Nutrition Animal Stak, 21packs

The original, prohormone-free Animal Stak was launched over nine years ago, and though the formula was cutting-edge at the time, non-hormonal, anabolic supplements utilizing natural hormone boosters were still in their infancy.

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The hormonal edge is what separates the lifting elite from the rest of the gym culture. Testosterone and growth hormone (GH) production, and aromatase regulation, are crucial in an iron athlete’s ability to grow new muscle, and to add size and strength. Hence, the popularity of steroids and performance-enhancing drugs in elite athletics. Instead of turning to using illicit compounds to augment their internal anabolic environment, many serious lifters have sought healthier, natural methods for raising their game.

It is with this goal in mind that Animal developed Stak, more than a decade ago. A legacy built in the trenches for delivering an anabolic and androgenic advantage through safer, legal means, the Animal Stak formula is constantly being updated. Providing the most cutting-edge, no-nonsense anabolic hormone boosting nutrients to bodybuilders and powerlifters who will settle for nothing less. The goal is to get bigger and stronger. To enhance performance. But to do it by optimizing a lifter’s internal hormone synthesis naturally.

Loaded with potent herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and powerful patented compounds, each pre-dosed pack of Animal Stak is designed to naturally enhance the testosterone and growth hormone output of hard-training bodybuilders, all the while minimizing the production of estrogen and cortisol—the gain-killing hormones. Stak even includes substrates designed to restore endocrine health and amplify endogenous hormonal output. Stak seeks to naturally boost the anabolic hormones linked to power and mass, but to do so without shady ingredients and gray-market compounds.

Built on a legacy with roots more than a decade deep, the latest version of Animal Stak borrows the most powerful ingredients of its predecessors, combined with new school nutrients intended to crank it all up to the next level. More than just a testosterone booster, a HGH production catalyst or an anti-aromatase, the sum of Animal Stak is greater than just its individual parts. It is all of these, and then some. Animal Stak is extreme and all-encompassing, just like every other pack in the storied Animal line.

For those who constantly seek an edge, and a means to push past their limits, there is Animal Stak—powerful and complete, all-around, natural anabolic hormone support.

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