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Mars Hi-Protein Bar 59g Original

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Mars Hi-Protein from Mars is a product made by the prestigious Mars. This brand has brought to the market incredible chocolate bars and Mars caramel, which provide a high-protein value. This product also has much less sugars and saturated fats than the original ones, so any individual or athlete on a diet or who is on weight loss period can treat themselves healthy.

Mars Hi-Protein from Mars contains low-calorie levels per bar and is absolutely delicious. It provides milk protein isolate and is an ingredient of great significance since it gives all the essential amino acids that our body is not capable of producing by itself. This formula stands out for its content in leucine, an amino acid that promotes growth; and cysteine which increases the levels of the glutathione antioxidant in our body. That is to say, the milk whey protein is very effective in stimulating growth in humans.

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