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AllNutrition Nutlove Pralines 100g Milk Choco Nougat

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Why choose AllNutrition Nutlove Pralines Milk Choco Nougat?

  • Delicious pralines with nougat cream in milk cover
  • You will find up to 8 delicious pralines in the package!
  • Without palm oil and added sugar!
  • Alternative to unhealthy sweets from the supermarket
  • The perfect treat that will satisfy your taste
  • A great addition to coffee!

AllNutrition Nutlove Pralines Milk Choco Nougat are delicious pralines with nougat filling in a milk glaze. Does the name sound familiar? Of course! The taste of our pralines is inspired by the wonderful, well-known NUTLOVE cream!

AllNutrition Nutlove Pralines Milk Choco Nougat is a truly delicious snack that will satisfy your desire to reach for "something sweet". Thanks to the exclusive pralines from the NUTLOVE line, you will feel special. At the same time, they will provide you with the few moments of sweets that you deserve! Every such moment will be unique!!

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