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AllNutrition Fitmeal 420g Mexican

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  • Delicious complete meal with high protein
  • Content juicy chicken in a spicy mexican sauce with rice
  • Long shelf life preservative free
  • Easy to prepare single serving ready to eat in just a few minutes
  • Only natural ingredients
  • Can be stored outside the fridge

AllNutrition Fitmeal Mexican – chicken with rice in spicy Mexican sauce is a delicious dish that will satisfy the most demanding palates. It combines highest-quality poultry meat with rice, all complete with a delicious spicy Mexican sauce. It’s a filling meal that is low in fat and sugars and allows you to comfortably control your calorie intake in your diet. A delicious filling meal without preservatives or other artificial additives. Quality without compromise!

Why is the shelf life so long and why don’t you need a fridge?

Our dishes undergo a heat treatment process similar to pasteurisation, which consists in briefly heating the meal to a high temperature (above 100°C) so that the product is free of any harmful microflora, microorganisms or spores – the necessary conditions for the product to have a long life and not to require chemical preservation. Heat processing of previously prepared and sealed meal takes place in a specialised device that facilitates the process of extending shelf life – without damaging the internal raw materials or the packaging itself. The key to creating a long-lasting, preservative-free product, apart from the process itself, is the use of high-quality, high-barrier packaging and maintaining the highest quality standards of the process on the production line. The combination of all these features makes it possible to create a product that is free of preservatives and at the same time retains its quality for a long time without the need for refrigeration. Quick lunch, great composition!

Ingredients: parboiled rice 41%, chicken fillet 21% (chicken fillet, salt), water, Pelati tomatos, maize 3%, apple juice concentrate, red beans 2%, red pepper 2%, onion, rapeseed oil, tomato concentrate, unmodified corn starch, spices, rock salt, lemon juice concentrate, garlic, natural flavouring. When to have Fitmeal Mexican? Whenever you fancy a tasty and filling meal!

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