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AllNutrition F**king Delicious Protein Bar 55g (Parim enne: 05-09.2022)

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What makes our bar stand out? 

Above all, high protein content (20g per serving). F**king Delicious Protein Bar contains a high amount of protein from whey and soy proteins, which have an excellent aminogram. It’s the perfect compromise between the right amount of high-quality protein and sugar content (around 1.7g per bar). The 20g of protein found in F**king Delicious Protein Bar helps you stay fit, whether you’re taking a yoga class, working out at the gym or going for your daily walk.

F**king Delicious Protein Bar is a sweet snack suited for any time of day, which perfectly supplements deficiency of high-quality protein that occurs in case of increased demand, especially in competitive sports and bodybuilding. Now there are even more ways to provide yourself with the right amount of protein throughout the day. F**king Delicious Protein Bar – a snack you can spoil yourself with!

There must have been many times when you had to eat or buy something in a hurry because you didn’t have time to prepare a balanced meal rich in nutrients. Have you wrestled with your thoughts of how to satisfy your hunger? Fast food is not good for your waistline. It’s a good idea to have a protein bar on hand that you can reach for in any situation. Protein bars are an excellent source of protein, but they also provide a good dose of calories and the energy we need. Unfortunately, most protein bars on the market do not taste good. Now you can reach for the best bar without any compromise. No compromises! When to have F**king Delicious Protein Bar? Whenever you need it! Whenever you feel like it!

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