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Power System Gym Bag Magna

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With Shoe Compartment. Best for Workout.

Every part of this duffle bag is put together with quality stitching and extra binding to prevent it from ripping. Bottom is reinforced with premium grade polyester so you don't have to worry about wear & tear. In addition, we used metal instead of plastic for our shoulder strap so it can withstand all your needs. You feel good after a long sweaty work out but not so much fun to take care of your wet cloth and shoes That won’t be an issue since our bag comes with a waterproof pocket for your workout clothes. Also, our shoe storage comes with ventilation holes to prevent mildew build up.

Our bag has an inner pocket for wallet and keys. One enormous main compartment to keep all your important belongings and  other compartments for your small gears. One inner wet pocket for wet clothes. Two side pockets, ideal for storing water bottles. Built-in extra shoes compartment with exterior zippers and air holes and it keeps wet and dirty sneakers separate from the rest of your stuff. Special materials do not need to be cleaned. When it is dirty, just wipe it use wet towel and clean it up. It perfectly keeps your shoes or dirty clothes separate from your clean items. It's a great black gym duffle bag for both indoor and outdoor sports.It is a great bag for workout, travel, sports activity, tennis, basketball, yoga, fishing, hunting, camping, hiking and many outdoor activities.

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