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Swanson Q10 100mg 100 sofgels

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What is CoQ10?


CoQ10 is also known as the naturally occurring Coenzyme Q10, found in plant and animal food products.CoQ10 is a valuable product for mitochondria, the energy-generating body cells that support function and effectiveness, often found in the heart.Levels of CoQ10 can decrease with age, so supplementing your body with this valuable source of nutrition, may help to maintain youthfulness and heart health.


What is CoQ10 used for?


CoQ10 softgels may promote all-over health body health and wellbeing by enhancing a healthy diet and exercise regime.Just some of the health benefits noted from the daily use of Coenzyme Q10 capsules include:


  • Support of a healthy heart and body.
  • Maintaining a youthful and active lifestyle.
  • Promoting cell energy and all-over nutrition.


What is the Recommended Dose of CoQ10 100mg capsules?


Swanson suggests taking one CoQ10 softgel per day, with water.Adding 100mg of Coenzyme Q10 to your diet is quick and easy thanks to these new softgels from Swanson


Who are Swanson and why should you choose this brand?


Swanson is a renowned supplier of premium nutritional, supplementary health products including the popular CoQ10 softgels. Using the newest technology to deliver the best health products, Swanson Ultra also guarantees to supply exactly what they state on the label, in a high quality, low cost capsule. So you can rely on Swanson Health Products to give you regulated supplements of CoQ10 with the highest standards of quality, purity and potency, and at a price that suits your pocket.

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