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Haya Labs Potassium Gluconate 100tabs

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Potassium Gluconate is a food supplement which our physically active clients will find especially useful. People who follow intense workout programs risk exhausting their body out of potassium since one of the ways the element is expelled is through sweat.



  • Provides endurance
  • Supports healthy function of the cells
  • Improves muscle strength
  • Stronger reflexes
  • Improves muscle contraction
  • Maintains healthy kidney function
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Supports healthy function of the heart
  • Ensures healthy function of the nerves
  • Relieves muscle soreness


Potassium is an element of utmost importance within the human body and the risk for deficiency should be taken seriously. Potassium is an absolute necessity for the normal function of all cells. Among those who risk low levels of this mineral are athletes, people with physically demanding professions, smokers, people who follow strict diets or suffer from malabsorption syndromes. Potassium gluconate is a type of potassium salt which is widely used as a food supplement. It stabilizes the necessary chemical balance within the body and guarantees excellent workout performance.


Furthermore, the regular intake of Potassium gluconate provides the muscles with strength, endurance and protects them from damage. In case you are trying to lose weight, Potassium Gluconate 99 mg can serve as an irreplaceable source of the much-needed element without adding more calories to your diet.

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