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Haya Labs L-Methionine 500mg 60caps

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HAYA LABS L-Methionine is quality amino acid formula that comes in easy to take capsules.


HAYA LABS L-Methionine supports liver health, has strong antioxidant action and helps detoxification of the body.




  • Improves liver function
  • Powerful antioxidant 
  • Highly detoxifying effect 
  • Supports heart function 
  • Aids digestive system 
  • Contributes bone health
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory effect 
  • Reduces risk of injury 
  • Supports brain activity


HAYA LABS L-Methionine contains essential amino acid L-methionine, which protects the liver from damage, improves brain blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on the heart and kidneys. L-methionine has a strong anti sclerosis action, reduces the risk of cancer and helps the digestive system. Also, this essential amino acid is a powerful antioxidant, neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals and helps detoxifing the body. 


HAYA LABS L-Methionine enhances bone health, supports treatment of rheumatism and improves skin and hair condition. L-methionine neutralizes the inflammatory processes and reduces the risk of trauma and injury during high-intensity exercise. This essential amino acid is a rich source of sulfur, and further assists in the production of chlorine and improves brain function and memory. 

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