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Haya Labs Alpha Lipoic Acid, Time Release, 300mg 60tabs


Alpha-lipoic acid, known also as thioctic acid, was found for the first time during the ’50s. It presents an enzyme, located in the mitochondria - the energy factory of the human cell. At the end of the ’80s, the scientists found out that this acid shows powerful antioxidant properties. In addition, it processes other antioxidants, especially Vitamin C and Vitamin E, increasing their strength

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  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Maintains a healthy glucose metabolism
  • Supports good energy levels
  • It is used by specialists to cure nerve disorders
  • Stimulates enzyme function during the transformation of food into energy
  • Enhances a healthy liver function
  • It can be used to prevent cataract
  • Maintains a good immune system


Alpha-lipoic acid has the ability to work both in water and fatty environment. Therefore, sometimes, it is referred to as a “universal antioxidant” and is also more effective in the neutralization of free radicals in comparison with other similar elements.


It plays an important role in the processing of glutathione - a key antioxidant in the body. Finally, Alpha-lipoic acid supports B-group Vitamins during the transformation of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into energy.


One dose: 1 tablet
Recommended use: Take 1 dose 1-2 times daily with a meal
Pack size: 30


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