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Everbuild Turkesterone 60caps

Turkesterone is a dietary supplement for real experts. The formula provides powerful results beneficial during a mass gaining cycle when you dream of muscle growth. You will also feel the effects of Turkesterone during a reduction – faster fat loss is guaranteed!

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Turkesterone is a very important ecdysteroid for athletes. Unlike testosterone, it is entirely safe and does not cause any side effects. The substance accelerates building dry muscle mass thanks to enhancing protein synthesis. In addition, it enhances fat and carbohydrate metabolism, helping you lose body fat. At the same time, it has an anti-catabolic effect, thanks to which the loss of hard-won muscles does not accompany the loss of fat tissue.

Turkesterone has a positive effect on the lipid profile and blood glucose levels. It significantly increases the efficiency during training, thanks to which you will conduct it much more effectively, and your muscles will be protected at the same time. You will quickly notice a clear muscle definition. Turkesterone also supports kidney and liver function. It is a multi-tasking supplement that will delight you with its properties!

Take 1 capsules a day with water.

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