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AllNutrition Vegan Pea Protein 500g

Vegan Pea Protein is a high-protein supplement based on pea protein concentrate, low in carbohydrates and fat.

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Why choose AllNutrition Vegan Pea Protein?

  • Delicious and complete vegetable protein
  • For vegans and vegetarians
  • Does not contain soy protein
  • Deep and distinct flavour
  • Highest-quality ingredients
  • No added sugar – sweetened with sucralose
  • Perfect for baking, fit desserts and sweets
  • Very good solubility
  • 4 types of protein and 4 delicious flavours

AllNutrition Vegan Pea Protein is a high-protein supplement based on pea protein concentrate, low in carbohydrates and fat. To enrich the composition, we also use rice protein, almond protein and hемр protein. Until recently it was thought that only animal protein was a complete protein. Today we know that vegetable protein can be just as valuable.

AllNutrition Vegan Pea Protein contains protein, which contributes to the growth of muscle mass and helps maintain it. It is recommended to enrich the daily diet of physically-active people and athletes. Why protein? Protein is one of the key macronutrients essential for the normal functioning, growth and regeneration of our bodies. It plays a key role in building our tissues and muscles, as well as our internal organs. It helps with normal synthesis of hormones and enzymes and serves building, transport and storage functions. Consuming the right amount of protein is particularly important for active people, regardless of their training goals. Protein is the best and fundamental choice, whether you are building muscle mass or losing weight, our protein does its job 100%.

AllNutrition Vegan Pea Protein containing pea protein, can be used as an addition to meals or cocktails; it is easily absorbed and will satisfy even the most demanding consumers, as it is fully vegan and contains no allergens such as lactose or gluten. It is an excellent dietary supplement with highly nutritious protein suitable for children and adults with problems of food hypersensitivity, allergies and intolerances. The rice protein is quickly digested as it does not contain gluten or lactose, so right after the meal you’ll feel light and won’t have gas problems. Rice protein contains high concentrations of alanine, arginine, cysteine, methionine and phenylalanine.

AllNutrition Vegan Pea Protein is perfect as a substitute for a low-fat or low-carbohydrate meal, as well as after a workout to increase muscle mass and its regeneration. The hемр protein contained in AllNutrition Vegan Pea Protein can be considered a complete protein – containing at least 20 amino acids, including 9 essential ones. The BCAA amino acid profile is also very good, dominated by leucine. It fulfils its role perfectly, giving very good results to athletes focused on developing muscle mass. In addition, it exhibits a number of health-promoting properties. An additional benefit is that no genetically-modified products are used to grow hемр.

Kasutamisjuhend Dissolve and shake one serving (30g) in 300-350 ml of water.

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