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AllNutrition Nutlove 500g Crunch Roasted Peanuts (Parim enne: 03.2022)

Nutlove Choco Hazelnut With Roasted Peanuts is a delicious milk and chocolate cream with added crunchy roasted peanuts.

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Why choose AllNutrition Nutlove Crunch?

  • Delicious cream with peanuts
  • Does not contain palm oil
  • No added sugar!
  • A perfect snack any time of day
  • Goes perfectly with pancakes, rice cakes, omelettes and other fit desserts
  • Product tested by an independent laboratory

AllNutrition Nutlove Crunch is a delicious milk and chocolate cream with added crunchy roasted peanuts. Perfect accompaniment to your favourite omelettes and pancakes. NUTLOVE Crunch also works brilliantly with rice cakes, fit desserts and baked goods. Whenever you crave something sweet, you can reach for NUTLOVE without feeling guilty. In Nutlove Crunch we use maltitol as a sugar substitute, which is used in the same proportions as sugar, so there is no need to change the formula and replace it with other ingredients.

AllNutrition Nutlove Crunch does not contain palm oil. Our delicious cream has already been bought by thousands of customers – they can’t be wrong because this product is simply FANTASTIC!!! Don’t believe it? Check it out! We guarantee you will experience a real explosion in your taste buds. You will see what it feels like to feel NUTLOVE!!! When to have NUTLOVE Crunch? WHENEVER YOU FEEL LIKE IT!

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