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Scivation XTEND BCAAs 90serv (1152g)


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Brand New Look. Same Great Formula.




7g BCAAs. 0g Carbs. 0g Sugar


Kasvatad lihast. Põletad rasva. Taastud kiiremini.

 7G BCAA - 2: 1: 1 suhtes

Scivation Xtend on enimmüüdud BCAA.  7g BCAAdest  2: 1: 1 suhtes - pluss glutamiini ja tsitrulliin malaat. Lisatud on segu vedelikku tekitavatest elektrolüütidest. Xtend on suhkruvaba võimalus abiks kurnaval jõusaalitreeningul. Maailmatasemel sportlased, võitlejad, eliitkulturistid ja jõutreeninguga tegelejad kõik kasutavad Scivation Xtendi treeningu ajal et treenida raskemalt ja intensiivsemalt.


Mõeldud treening-aegseks tarbimiseks.  Scivation Xtend on kõige arenenum omalaadne toode. Scivation Xtend aitab kaasa nii rasva põletamiseks kui uute lihaste ehitamisele. Samuti aitab kaasa optimaalsele valgusünteesile ja tasakaalustab rakusisest energiamajandust, Scivation Xtend tõsiselt kärbib taastumise aega. Sa ei tunnegi kui oled juba taastunud.

Täiustatud maitse ja hulgaliselt koostisosi. Scivation Xtend on suhkru- ja süsivesikutevaba. Kõige laialdasemalt kasutatud treeningtoote, mis aitab ehitada lihaseid, põletab rasva ning aitab pikendada intensiivset treeningut ning kiiremini taastuda oma järgmiseks treeninguks.



 Informed Choice. Trusted by Sport.NSF. Certified for Sport.


Build and preserve muscle with 7 GRAMS of hypercritical BCAAs — in the nature-designed and widely-researched 2:1:1 ratio — along with Glutamine and Citrulline Malate. Plus, with a proprietary blend of hydration-promoting electrolytes, Scivation XTEND is the delicious, refreshing, SUGAR-FREE way to help anyone grind through a grueling gym session.*

Perfect Before, After, and During Training

World-class athletes, elite bodybuilders, champion powerlifters, and weight-training enthusiasts of varying types all use Scivation XTEND during their workouts to help them train longer, harder, and with more intensity.* When consuming two servings daily, Scivation XTEND helps to facilitate both fat loss* and new muscle construction.* Also, by orchestrating optimal protein synthesis and by balancing the intracellular energy economy, Scivation XTEND severely truncates recovery time.*

Branched Chain Amino Acids, Not Just Essential Amino Acids

Scivation XTEND contains 7grams of branched-chain amino acids per serving. No hiding, no tricks, no "padding" from cheap or completely random amino acids. Each serving of Scivation XTEND contains 3.5 grams of Leucine to stimulate muscle protein synthesis plus 1.75 grams of Valine and 1.75 grams of Isoleucine.

2:1:1 Ratio Designed by Nature, Proven by Research

Nearly all of the reputable peer-reviewed studies that have highlighted the effectiveness of BCAAs — along with most of the anecdotal information that has sprung forth from the hardcore weight rooms — have investigated a 2:1:1 Leucine to Valine to Isoleucine formula. So despite a starring role for Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine are still vitally important to a multitude of the physique benefits that come from BCAAs.

One noteworthy study investigated muscle protein synthesis from either Leucine on its own or from BCAAs at a 2:1:1 ratio. College-age, recreationally-trained male participants received a straight Leucine supplement, a 2:1:1 BCAA supplement, or a non-caloric placebo before and after a leg workout. As to be expected, Leucine performed better than did the placebo, but the 2:1:1 BCAA ratio bested them both.

Valine & Isoleucine - Vitally Important as Well

Additionally, in an attempt to dazzle you with numbers, some lopsided amino formulas drop the amounts of Valine and Isoleucine in favor or Leucine - a critical mistake - which ends up smothering some other very important benefits. For one, Valine competes with Tryptophan for uptake into the brain, and a brain soaked in Tryptophan will have a much hard time relaying the message to the muscles that they need to work harder and push more weight. Furthermore, in a Japanese study, scientists observed a fat-burning mechanism dependent upon Isoleucine. Subjects who consumed more supplemental Isoleucine gained less body fat than those who did not, even though both groups ate a high-fat diet.

So when it comes to getting the most out of your workouts, whether it be triggering post-workout muscle protein synthesis, thwarting fatigue, or stoking the fat-burning flames, a 2:1:1 BCAA ratio — the same ratio in Scivation XTEND — is the way to go.*

After 10 Years, Still Defining - and Redefining - BCAAs

Scivation XTEND, the originator and leader in BCAA technology, is the trusted brand credited with creating the first BCAA intra-workout drink mix. With over a decade devoted to improving and perfecting the formula – best-in-class flavors, show-stopping mixability, and fully-disclosed ingredients in relevant amounts – Scivation XTEND continues to outpace comparison. There's nothing like it.

Use Scivation XTEND, the original and most widely-used intra-workout BCAA product, to build muscle, burn fat, and to prolong the intensity of - and recovery from - your next workout.*

Kasutamisjuhend As a dietary supplement, mix one scoop per 8-10 oz. of water. Shake well and consume during exercise on training days, or throughout the day on non-training days.

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